Why do your websites cost far less than others?

Firstly, having a website isn't a big deal! Sadly, in Africa, we've made having a website something for only 'big businesses'. We want to change that! If you go abroad, having a website is basic and your business 'almost doesn't exist' if you don't have one. 

Secondly, in a lot of cases, you the client are being charged a whole lot for things that are not necessary but have been lumped together into the cost. When you want a website for your business, you do not want to be bombarded with and have to pay for a lot of technical jargon that doesn't bring in any new customers.  We ensure that you only pay for what you really want and need.

Thirdly, inefficiency on the part of the website designer or firm is a big reason why our prices are amazing. We try to be as efficient as possible and in your best interest, we have achieved valuable economies of scale and we pass those savings on to you. Apart from that, whereas other designers may take a month or more to deliver on a single project, usually increasing the cost multiple times during the project, we make sure that the vast majority of sites we create are completed in 7 working days or less and there are no cost overruns whatsoever.

Having said that, we do understand that the service we provide will not satisfy everybody. If you require a web design firm that will:

- have physical meetings or come over to your office or vice versa
- create a custom designed site over a period of several weeks

we probably aren't that firm. But if you want an amazing site at a price no one will believe, then we're the right firm for you.

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