Is the payment for the website one-time?

It depends on which of our website packages you desire. If you want our Website Design Only plans, then yes the payment to us is a one-time payment. Your website will be created and transferred to your hosting account within the stipulate time frame and you will not be obligated to make any other payments to us at all.

If you however desire our Standard Website Plans, payments for those plans recur depending on the billing cycle you choose. Each of our websites has recurring costs. This is because of the various costs involved with keeping a website online. Some of these include domain name renewal, website hosting, technical services, premium plugins, etc. You can read on below for a bit more.

Whilst having a Facebook or Instagram page is basically free forever, having a website on the other hand costs you money on a continual basis. The first reason why websites cost money continuously is because of the domain or website name. Domain names are purchased generally on a yearly basis. You can certainly purchase your domain name for up to 10 years in advance though. The second reason websites cost money continuously is because of 'hosting'. That refers to the cost involved in renting a computer or server to show your website to the world. If you have all the right technical knowledge, you could host your website on your own laptop, but that'll require your computer never goes off, has a solid Internet connection 24/7, and ideally has a dedicated IP address.

See the cost of a website a bit more like renting the needed server space and domain name than an outright purchase. And if you're told that you can pay one-time for your website and not yearly or monthly, you are probably paying a larger upfront fee, your site is rather on a subdomain of someone else's website, your site will have 3rd party ads running all over, or you're going to lose your website shortly when everything expires. Many people find that out the hard way when their website goes off and they can mysteriously no longer get in touch with their web designer.
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