What are the features of the various packages?

All our websites come with the following features:
  • Design: We provide you with over 500 amazing world-class designs to choose from. You can also purchase premium designs on our Business and Enterprise Plans.
  • Free Domain: We provide a free .com or .org domain with all our website packages.
  • Diskspace: This refers to the amount of storage space available for each website.
  • Email Accounts: Depending on the package you select, we provide email addresses like info@yourbusiness.com, or orders@yourbusiness.com, included or as a paid addon.
  • Card Payments: You have the ability to connect a number of payment gateways to your website in order to process debit and credit card orders.
  • Online Shop: All our sites have the capability for you to run an entire ecommerce business right from your site. You can add products, manage inventory, send invoices and so much more.
  • SSL: An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate comes free with our website packages and this gives your customers an extra degree of confidence with the presence of the https lock symbol in their browser.
  • Mobile Optimized: All websites we create are optimized for viewing on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.
  • Social Media & SEO: All websites we create have the ability to link to your social media profiles and pages. They are also easily crawlable or indexed by search engines like Google in order for your site to rank well in search results. We also provide you the opportunity to set various meta tags to imrpove your search rankings.
  • Premium Plugins: All our websites come with a standard set of premium plugins, giving you functionality unavailable elsewhere. The Business and Enterprise Plans provide you with even more addons to extend your site's functionality.

Not Included:
  • cPanel: Because of the cloud hosting platform we use, we do not have cPanels for server control. You however have administrative access to your site to make all needed changes. Enterprise pakages also have server and FTP access. We alternatively provide Website Design Only packages if you already have your own hosting account with a different provider.
  • Phone Support: All support is handled through our website, via email/tickets and WhatsApp. We respond very fast to any issues you might need help with.

Having said that, we do understand that the service we provide will not satisfy everybody. If you require a web design firm that will:

  • have physical meetings or come over to your office or vice versa
  • create a custom designed site over a period of several weeks

we probably aren't that firm. But if you want an amazing site at a price no one will believe, then we're the right firm for you.

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